subject header & thread button patches (2.3.3)

1999-04-05 11:51:51
Enclosed are two patches to 2.3.3.  One I believe is a genuine bug and the 
other is more of an "opinion" patch.  Thanks for providing MHonArc.

subject_header.patch: When ADDing a message, the subject header isn't
rewritten for messages to be updated.  I only fixed the part I was using.
I believe there are other sections that may need to get rewritten as well,
but I don't understand MHonArc well enough to say.

thread_button.patch: I believe BUTTON(TNEXT) and BUTTON(TPREV) should only
be "active" when they map to messages within the current thread.  My patch
this in a simple way. I created a new global variable called %FirstInThread
which maps an index to the first message in it's thread.  The variables
$tisfirst and $tislast in &replace_li_var are set to true if the current
message is FirstInThread and the next message's FirstInThread is different,

While the documentation clearly states that TNEXT/PREV are the next message
"by thread", I think it's useful to tell people when they are at the end of
the thread.  Perhaps a new button could be added (CURRTNEXT/PREV)?  I don't
really think the current semantics of TNEXT/PREV should be changed to suite
me.  Also, I'm sure my solution is less than elegant.  I just couldn't figure
out a better way.

Oh, there is one minor part of this last patch.  $Counted wasn't checked in
&do_thread.  I would guess there are certain circumstances (multiple refs)
which would cause do_thread to be called multiple times on the same message.
Am I wrong about this?

Here's a part of my mrc which may demonstrate why I made these changes:

<!-- -->

<!-- Exclude entire message header, we format our own -->
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