Re: subject header & thread button patches (2.3.3)

1999-04-05 17:09:51
On April 5, 1999 at 09:51, Rob Nagler wrote:

Enclosed are two patches to 2.3.3.  One I believe is a genuine bug and the 
other is more of an "opinion" patch.  Thanks for providing MHonArc.

Your patches did not come through.

subject_header.patch: When ADDing a message, the subject header isn't
rewritten for messages to be updated.  I only fixed the part I was using.

Could you please elaborate?

I believe there are other sections that may need to get rewritten as well,
but I don't understand MHonArc well enough to say.

The docs covering what is rewritable, including the FAQ.  However, the
information may not be centralized.  Please provide specifics on what
parts of the generated pages you are refering to.

While the documentation clearly states that TNEXT/PREV are the next message
"by thread", I think it's useful to tell people when they are at the end of
the thread.  Perhaps a new button could be added (CURRTNEXT/PREV)?  I don't
really think the current semantics of TNEXT/PREV should be changed to suite
me.  Also, I'm sure my solution is less than elegant.  I just couldn't figure
out a better way.

An alternative is to use $TSLICE$.  This will probably serve you better
without the need to modify code.


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