Re: content-disposition parsing incorrect

1999-04-13 18:21:54
On April 12, 1999 at 13:33, Rob Nagler wrote:

Following patch fixes inline images with content dispositions sent
from Netscape 4.5.  The mime header was:

    Content-Type: image/gif;
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    Content-Disposition: inline;

The ";" was deleted in the original code.  I changed it to replace
it with a space.

This is not the proper fix since the return value of the function does
not contain the proper value for the first list item.  Ie.  $disp does
not contain just "inline" but "inline filename="foo.gif"" (or
inlinefilename="foo.gif" w/o the patch).  Your quick fix works because
the filter uses a regex to check the value instead of
using the eq operator.

The proper fix is to deal with the case when the following can

    Content-Disposition: inline;filename="foo.gif"

BTW, this is how the field will look when unfolded.
made the assumption that there would always be a space after the
semi-colon if a semi-colon is present.

In sum, first try extraction assuming there is a semi-colon.  If it
fails, then there is a disposition value w/o a filename parameter, or
any other parameters.


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