mhonarc -> text (or something else)

1999-04-14 05:58:08
I have about two years of traffic (~15M total) for a list, all in MHonArc
converted HTML format. For the longest time, I just did a big batch
conversion every so often, because it suited my minimal needs.

Now I'm interested in finally sprucing things up. I've started reading up
on resources and can make pages that aren't grey and `straight outta the

This leaves me, though, with a whole bunch of grey pages. I want to update
them all, but the original mailbox files have gone the way of the dodo.
So, I either need to:
* Update all these pages using a new resource file (is this possible?)
* Convert all the HTML back to mailboxes, then back to HTML with the new

Has anyone done this? Ideally, I'd like something that could work in batch
mode, as having to sit at a command line and type in a few thousand file
names would just be really dull. :) I imagine getting a big mailbox out of
the HTML would be easier, but if someone else has already done so I don't
want to reinvent that particular wheel (given that I'm a lousy coder :)

Begging and pleading for sage advice,


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