Re: mhonarc -> text (or something else)

1999-04-14 13:40:37
On April 14, 1999 at 09:24, "David E. Smith" wrote:

This leaves me, though, with a whole bunch of grey pages. I want to update
them all, but the original mailbox files have gone the way of the dodo.
So, I either need to:
* Update all these pages using a new resource file (is this possible?)

Yes, it is possible.  You can use the EDITIDX resource (-editidx
command-line option) to apply new resource settings to an existing
archive.  This causes all pages to be re-edited.

A limitation is that some stuff cannot be reformatted once the original
message has been processed, mainly the converted message header and
message body of each message (along with a couple of resources, see the
Page Layout section of the docs to see which resources).  However,
every other part of each message page can be changed: beginning markup,
navigational links, footer, etc.  Index pages can be completely changed
since these pages are all derived from that data in the .mhonarc.db


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