Re: adding files via * and <

1999-05-26 00:52:03
Are *.alt.perl plain files?  If so, I would guess that the default MSGSEP
resource does not work for them.  What does a *.alt.perl file look like?

they are plain files gotten by "suck" here is one of the files, though not
*.alt.perl (as MHonArc did get done processing them finally) I am gussing
the MSGSEP needs to read "Path:"?

You need to have an initial 'From ' "header" in your message -- this is what
the standard Berkeley mailbox format calls for and what MHonArc expects to 
split on.

You can rebuild the 'From ' "header" with formail, one of the programs
supplied with procmail.  To add the initial header to just one message:

   formail -s < [filename] > [outfile]

Of course, replace [filename] with the name of your message file and [outfile]
with the name of the newly created file.  If you have more than one 
message, add the -d flag:

   formail -ds < [filename] > [outfile]

There's lots more information in FORMAIL(1).

Alternatively, you *can* do what you suggested and change MSGSEP to something


, but I personally feel that it's the wrong way to do things.  Besides, the
formail solution gives you Berekely style mailboxes that you can archive
in case you ever need to rebuild everything from scratch (and do all messages
have only one Path: header?)


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