Re: adding files via * and <

1999-05-26 01:21:41
On May 25, 1999 at 22:15, Benji Spencer wrote:

Are *.alt.perl plain files?  If so, I would guess that the default MSGSEP
resource does not work for them.  What does a *.alt.perl file look like?

they are plain files gotten by "suck" here is one of the files, though not
*.alt.perl (as MHonArc did get done processing them finally) I am gussing
the MSGSEP needs to read "Path:"?

Looks like it.  Sometimes MMDF format is used: 4 Control-A's (\001's) in

You can try:

        mhonarc -msgsep '^Path: ' ...

You'll loose the Path header field in converted messages, but it probably
does not matter.


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