Re: URL truncation

1999-05-26 16:46:43
On May 26, 1999 at 16:20, Pete Tedder wrote:

I'm using 2.3.3 and question mark "?" is processed OK but the ampersand
"&" is being treated as a terminator.  I don't know if ampersand is a
legal URL character but it would certainly be useful if it was
acceptable in MHonArc. 

The problem is that URL detection occurs *after* the text is converted
into HTML.  Hence, '&' are excluded since they can be part of an
entity reference (like >) that should be part of the URL.

I have a method to support '&' properly (and <URL:...> notation that
can have line-breaks), but I think it may have problems with character
sets that have shift encoding, like Japanese.  I could probably
conditionalize the code so 8-bit-only character sets using the better
method while others use the limited form of URL detection.  I have not
put much effort into it.


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