Re: URL truncation

1999-05-26 16:52:38
On Wed, 26 May 1999, Pete Tedder wrote:

I'm using 2.3.3 and question mark "?" is processed OK but the ampersand
"&" is being treated as a terminator.  I don't know if ampersand is a
legal URL character but it would certainly be useful if it was
acceptable in MHonArc. 

Thus this is treated correctly:

but this is not:

Ampersand is legal in a URL, but it is a control character in HTML. If it
is legal depends on its position:

<a href="";>;b=2</a>
                               ^                           ^
                               |                           |
            Legal, part of URL |                           |
                Here the ampersamd should be encoded as "&amp;"

Mats Dufberg                                  

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