Re: posting from a message via a cgi script

1999-06-03 18:36:26
On June 4, 1999 at 01:31, Yu Wei Jian wrote:

I'm using Mhonarc 2.3.3 to setup a newsgroup. When one browses a message
and want to reply it immediately via a web form,(ie. put a "Reply" button),
a cgi script may be necessary. I have composed such a cgi script to post
mail form (or send email). But I don't know how to link this cgi with
Mhonarc to work. And I'm not sure how to set the resource file. 

How are messages normally sent to the "group"?  If done by email,
just have the CGI program send email to the proper address.  Make
sure your CGI defines the Reference or In-Reply-To header in replies
to facilitate threading.

As for making the call to the CGI program from the archive, it depends
on what you desire.  You can look into the MAILTOURL resource into
customizing the address links in converted message headers.  You can
also add an explicit "Reply" button/link utilizing one of the message
page layout resources and associate resource variables.

If you want a detailed example, please follow-up with what exactly
you would want to appear on a message page and how the reader is expected
to invoke the "Reply" function.


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