address kerflundering

1999-06-04 04:01:43

I decided to try something a bit unusual, and submit an offer for a
small bounty at "The Free Software Bazaar" for a patch to MHonArc.
Mainly, I'm curious to see if and how their bounty system
works. Anyway, I thought it would be common courtesy to carbon copy to
this list. I hope I didn't offend anyone with this experiment.



MHonArc is a popular GPL'd email to HTML converter written in Perl.  I
want a patch to add two new resources variables to MHonArc.  Patch
must follow guidelines below. Patch must be created with 'diff -uNr',
be shorter than 100 lines and apply cleanly to MHonArc 2.3.3 or
later. Patch may not destroy any existing functionality in MHonArc.
Final condition: submit patch to MHonArc mailing list.

Offer expires midnight, December 31, 1999, GMT.

Helpful references: 

$25 to developer.

Jeff Breidenbach
phone: 908 210 9135 home
phone: 908 938 9600 x3010 work (homepage)

The following advice is quoted from Earl Hood:

The two main functions to target are:

mailUrl() in
This function is used in the conversion of address in converted
message headers.

replace_li_var() in
This is the general purpose function for doing resource
variable interpolation.  If any new resource variables are desired,
this function would have to handle them.

What I propose is the following new resource variables:

The username portion of the email address

The domain name of the email address


$FROMADDRNAME$   => "nobody"


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