Re: address kerflundering

1999-05-31 17:36:09
On May 29, 1999 at 01:58, archive(_at_)marmot(_dot_)jab(_dot_)org wrote:

Implementing this trick with MHonArc means either hacking code or post
processing, since only the full email address is available in the
rcfile, and there is no mechanism to mangle it. I'd like to attempt
to patch MHonArc, because post processing large amounts of email is
too much of a logistics headache.

So the question is - any suggestions on how to best approach the
problem?  Which section of code is best to look at, and what mechanism
is best for passing back email address fragments? (Should I try to
define new resources, for example?)

The two main functions to target are:

    mailUrl() in
        This function is used in the conversion of address in converted
        message headers.

    replace_li_var() in
        This is the general purpose function for doing resource
        variable interpolation.  If any new resource variables are desired,
        this function would have to handle them.

What I propose is the following new resource variables:

        The username portion of the email address

        The domain name of the email address


        $FROMADDRNAME$   => "nobody"
        $FROMADDRDOMAIN$ => ""


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