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1999-06-18 11:19:37
This messages is response to a private e-mail I got about my MHonArc
resource file and perl script pages at:

Unhappily my reply to the correspondent bounced, so I'm trying to
reach him(her?) via the list.

In any event this is a good a time as any to remind folks about my pages 
which has links to one of the mailing list archives I maintain along with 
links to the resource files (including an example of the <otherindexes> 
resource) and some perl scripts I use to create a set of  additional 
"directory" pages.  



From:         Yu Wei Jian[SMTP:wjyu(_at_)phy(_dot_)cuhk(_dot_)edu(_dot_)hk]

I think your contribution may help me to setup a newsgroup. So I try your
resource file and perl scripts.

Here are the configuration:

The,,, are in 

The,, and scripts are NOT
meant to be run as cgi-bin scripts.

I run them as stand-alone programs from the unix command line. is in "~/cgi-bin".

thrd1.html, date1.html, auth1.html are in "~/messages".

In, I set 

Unless you made a typing error, that should be $path, not &path

But I have a problem that I can not gemerate the "directory html", such 
as "thrddir.html", "datedir.html", etc. 

the file "error_log" of the webserver said 
 Premature end of script headers: /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/
 File does not exist: /usr/local/www/htdocs/messages/thrddir.html

What happened?

Apparently you are somehow invoking the directory page creatjion scripts 
from the cgi-bin in an attempt to (maybe) build the directory pages 

While this is an interesting way to do things (albeit pretty slow for 
large archives), my scripts do NOT produce the proper HTTP headers at the 
top of the directory pages.  

If you want to do things that way, you'll have to add some code to each 
perl program the produces the:   

    Content-type: text/html

header like so:

    print "content-type: text/html\n\n";

I hope this helps...


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