Re: Anti-Spam Measures (RFC)

1999-06-17 00:09:29

Here is how the new SPAMMODE resource will work in the next release:

   SPAMMODE determines if MHonArc will perform actions to deter spam
   address harvesters or not. If SPAMMODE is true, it changes the default
   values of various resources that display email addresses. The
   following default resource values are affected:
          $FROMNAME$ is used instead of $FROM$.
          The <LINK REV="made" ...> is removed.
          $FROMNAME$ is used instead of $FROM$.

          $FROMNAME$ is used instead of $FROM$.
          Is defined as "s|([\!\%\w\.\-+=/]+@)([\w\.\-]+)|$1.('x' x
          length($2))|ge" (this has the effect of preserving the
          local-part of the address and complete masking out the domain

          Is defined as "mailto:$TOADDRNAME$(_at_)DOMAIN(_dot_)HIDDEN"
   Note, a user defined setting of an above resource will override any
   effects that SPAMMODE has on the resource.

BTW, here is the definition of ADDRESSMODIFYCODE:

   ADDRESSMODIFYCODE may be used to define Perl expressions to apply to
   addresses in message headers during conversion.

   When defining the expressions, the mail address will be in the $_
   variable. The value of $_ after all expressions are evaluated is the
   address MHonArc will print.
   ADDRESSMODIFYCODE only affects the display text of the address. If
   MAILTO is active, the URL of the link is NOT affected by
   ADDRESSMODIFYCODE. MAILTOURL can be used to modify the URL.

Jeff gave good reasons (in private mail) why addresses in messages
bodies should not be touched.  So SPAMMODE will not do anything to
message bodies.  Since message bodies are directly controlable by
the author of the message, if the author has concerns about spam,
s/he will already have taken any precautions.  If an archive
admin still wants to do something, s/he can always create a custom
MIMEFILTER to do what is ever desired.

I think the defined behavior of SPAMMODE should be sufficient
for those users who want to deter harvesters, but not have to
do any custom work.


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