Re: Anti-Spam Measures (RFC)

1999-06-13 20:49:31
On June 12, 1999 at 20:05, Michael Yount wrote:

Are you thinking of hooks for strong encryption in place of
rot13? Perhaps running the list through an anonymizing remailer
would be just as effective.

No...that would cause export problems.  I would like to be able
to use, for example, a subroutine which performs rot11 on the 
local part, rotates the entire local part two characters to the
right, and leaves the domain name untouched.

What do you mean by "local part"?  Are you actually refering to the
username?  If you are refering to the hostname portion, there may be
no "local part".  If the username, such obfuscation will not prevent
the problem of mail servers still receiving spam, even though it gets
bounced because of no user.  Note, there is the probability that doing
a rot just on the username gives a another valid user.


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