Anti-Spam Measures (RFC)

1999-06-12 19:26:46

    My preference for the archives I maintain would be to 
    have a hook in mhonarc that would allow me to apply
    my own address-modifying subroutine.  Rot13 is probably
    sufficient to stop the harvesters, but doesn't provide
    real privacy.

Are you thinking of hooks for strong encryption in place of
rot13? Perhaps running the list through an anonymizing remailer
would be just as effective.

    I would also like to leave the message bodies in my archives

I would, too.

By the way, I benchmarked MHonArc the other day as it rebuilt a 60,000
message archive from raw email, 870 messages at a time. It took about
a day on a K6-2 300 with 256 MB of ram.

Interestingly, each chunk of 870 messages took about the same amount
of time to run, so in this mode of operation I'd say time requirements
are O(n) where n is the number of messages.


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