novice question

1999-06-24 15:04:42
I hope that some really simple newbie questions can be tolerated here --
because I really need help!

I'm not only new to mhonarc and majordomo, but also to Unix. My lists
(about 8 are active) are housed at; /nycos and /boston
are not password protected.

I have pored over the nearly-opaque documentation for MHonArc. 

I don't understand how (or where) to actually enter the commands. I hunted,
via ftp and telnet, through my server, and found the mhonarc program at
usr/local/MHonArc/bin. So I tried running a command from the telnet prompt
there:  mhonarc -rmm 00-05 (naturally, in this directory how could it know
what messages I'm referring to?)

It gave me this error message: Can't locate in @INC

(I have seen in other directories (usr/local/majordomo/Lists, I
think), and I tried to run the command there (yea yea laugh at me) and it
replied: mhonarc - command not found.)

I've tried, as well, in a list's archive folder, which included a
mhonarc.db; same error: mhonarc - command not found.)

I tried to edit the mhonarc.db file in this folder; that didn't work
either. I understood something of the various resources in the file, and
tried to edit one of those, with no effect whatever; then I tried to remove
the 6 messages I wanted to remove, removing their information in about 5
different places in the mhonarc.db file, and nothing changed.

Can anyone help me out with these really simple questions? Where do I enter
command-line commands? If I want to edit a resource file to change the
layout of a page, where do I do find this file? And is there a special
command I need to issue to get these changes to register? 

Could my problems come from the fact that I'm running several lists? (i.e.
perhaps the resource files I need are actually working for several lists?)

I'm eager to learn this stuff and start tweaking my mhonarc around, but I
can't get started -- all I need is some help getting my foot in the door...
any responses will be greatly appreciated!


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