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1999-06-24 17:28:31
On June 24, 1999 at 15:22, Kirez Korgan wrote:

I don't understand how (or where) to actually enter the commands. I hunted,
via ftp and telnet, through my server, and found the mhonarc program at
usr/local/MHonArc/bin. So I tried running a command from the telnet prompt
there:  mhonarc -rmm 00-05 (naturally, in this directory how could it know
what messages I'm referring to?)

It gave me this error message: Can't locate in @INC

mhonarc is probably not installed properly on your system.  The
simpliest thing to do is run the program as described in the
file INSTALL of the distribution (if you do not know where the
extracted distribution is on your system, just download a copy from
<URL:>).  If you have
root access, you'll probably be safe in accepting the default values
given by  If you do not have root access, change the
destination directories to location you have permission to write.

Once installed, make sure the location you specified when
prompted for "Directory to install executables" is in your search path.

(I have seen in other directories (usr/local/majordomo/Lists, I
think), and I tried to run the command there (yea yea laugh at me) and it
replied: mhonarc - command not found.)

Check your search path.

I tried to edit the mhonarc.db file in this folder; that didn't work

Do NOT edit .mhonarc.db unless you know exactly what you are doing.

either. I understood something of the various resources in the file, and
tried to edit one of those, with no effect whatever; then I tried to remove
the 6 messages I wanted to remove, removing their information in about 5
different places in the mhonarc.db file, and nothing changed.

I can explain why you did not get the desired results, but it will not
help you.

Can anyone help me out with these really simple questions? Where do I enter
command-line commands?

The "Quick Start" section of the docs gives an intro on how to invoke
mhonarc from the command-line.  To find out which command-line option
is applicable for a given MHonArc resource, each resource page in the
docs lists what command-line options apply under the "Syntax" sub-section
of each resource page.  For common operations, the following resources
are probably the most important:

    OUTDIR (-outdir)
    ADD (-add)
    RCFILE (-rcfile)

If I want to edit a resource file to change the
layout of a page, where do I do find this file?

The location is arbitrary.  You use the -rcfile command-line option
to tell MHonArc where it is.  For example:

    shell> mhonarc -rcfile /path/to/my/mhonarc.mrc ...

And is there a special
command I need to issue to get these changes to register? 

    shell> mhonarc -rcfile /path/to/my/mhonarc.mrc \
                   -editidx -outdir /path/to/html/archive

Use EDITDIX sparingly since it causes all files in archive to modified:
a time consuming operation.  If changes do not reflect message page layout,
you can usually avoide the use of -editidx since any subsequent -add
operation (if specifying -rcfile) will cause the archive to get the
new settings.

Could my problems come from the fact that I'm running several lists? (i.e.

This is not a problem.

perhaps the resource files I need are actually working for several lists?)

Could be.

Hope this helps,


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