Re: List the recepient of the message in -LITemplate- ?

1999-07-01 12:05:50
Peter Hrobar said:

I accept your explanation. I have got only one question left. Do you happen
to know any existing solution for the problem i have mentioned earlier ? OR

--> I'm using the MHonArc standard input to receive messages from qmail
(via a .qmail file). Is there any tool which can copy ( or merge ) the TO:
field of the message to the SUBJECT field on the fly ?

You can use a combination of procmail (to intercept the message) and 
formail (part of the procmail package) to manipulate the headers.

As part of the process you can use procmail to deliver the message to 
MHonArc.  There's LOADS of procmail/formail information on the net...

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