Help with WILMA/Glimpse configuration

1999-07-06 10:13:14

I have recently set up WILMA (with Glimpse & Mhonarc)
to make a Majordomo archive
searchable.  Everything seems to be working, except that
when I search the archives, nothing matches.

On the other hand, I can navigate the archive through the
WILMA interface.

My archives are owned by majordomo and accessible to
www (the web-user that owns wilma /glimpse related

To test this setup - I have sent only 3 messages to the
list- all of which have the word "test" in either the subject
header or content of the message.  When I search for "test"
glimpse finds no matches.

If more information is needed to trouble shoot this, please
let me know.



Penny Laferriere
Software Tools & Configuration Mgmt
Global Software Operation - Americas
GE Medical Systems
voice: (414) 521-6437
email: penny(_dot_)laferriere(_at_)med(_dot_)ge(_dot_)com

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