Re: Help with WILMA/Glimpse configuration

1999-07-07 17:45:30
On Jul 06 Jason (Jason L Tibbitts III) wrote:

"PLL" == Penny L Laferriere 4-6437 
<laferrip(_at_)gsao(_dot_)med(_dot_)ge(_dot_)com> writes:

PLL> Everything seems to be working, except that when I search the
PLL> archives, nothing matches.

This is almost certainly a configuration error on your part; my random

The `configuration error` may well be just the wrong glimpse version: 
Some newer versions (>4.x) are known to choke on reindexing, leaving 
an corrupted index which `just` doesn't return search results; depending 
on the setup this may go unnoticed in first place, check the reindexing 
logs.  I've returned to glimpse 3.6 for that matter and it worked 
immediately afterwards.


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