1999-07-07 16:39:29
On July 7, 1999 at 09:33, "Simeon ben Nevel" wrote:

For links to the Previous/Next index pages. There are also resources 
available for the First/Last index pages.

What my correspondent would like to do is have something like so:

   Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 [.....] N

Where each number is a hyperlink to the appropriate index page.

Is this doable?  

Technically, yes, but not without code modifications.

I've looked over the resources and resource variables and
didn't see anything to the point.  After thinking about it some, it would
probably be a fairly difficult to do as you would have to know (as each 
index page was generated) how many pages you would end up with.

The total page count is known by MHonArc (how else would the last page
link work?).  The $NUMOFPAGES$ resource variable gives you the
page count.

The problem is representing the "Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 [.....] N" structure
via the resource model.  A resource variable can be created to print
out such a list of links, however, if customization of the text is
desired, things can get more complicated.


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