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1999-07-08 13:30:26

I am using Mhonarc 2.40 (every day I get more impressed about it's great features Mhonarc includes!).

Now I want to start using the MIME option. I have a web form which a visitor fills in; it is send to my server (using an adaptation of Matt Wright's At the server, Procmail invoques Mhonarc and the message is automaticly published on my site.

However, I want to control HTML mark-up of the message's content through my form f.e. paragraph titles in bold <b>title</b>, paragraph text in italic <i>text<i>, etc.

So I put in the resource file I use (icons.mrc, which comes with Mhonarc 2.4) the following:


As a result, my messages are now printed in the default font face (I think Times Roman). And when I prepare I message with my mailer program (Pegasus 3.2) and make it up it with bold, italic, colors, etc and send it to the server, the resulting html- page respects beautifully of the lay-out I had prepared for my email-message.

However, I want now to achieve the same result, but with a message send through the my web-form.

So I adapted a bit the Perl-script. Instead of:

print MAIL "$print_config: $Config{$print_config}\n\n";

I put:

print MAIL "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print MAIL "<b>$print_config:<b/> $Config{$print_config}\n\n";

The idea is that now all paragraph headers are printed in bold. However, Mhonarc does not seem to accept this. It shows the brackets <>, using &lt;b&gt; as the html-code for these characters.

What could be done to correct this?

Your ideas will be highly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!


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