Re: NextPgLink Error

1999-07-14 00:12:08
Earl Hood wrote:
<NextPgLink chop>
[<A HREF="$NEXTPG$">Next Page</A>]

Is the "Next Page" link active?  Or is just plain text?  If you can
provide a URL showing what your are refering to, it will help us to
determine if there is a bug in mhonarc.  You may also want to look at
the NEXTPGLINKIA resource to see if there is a misunderstanding on how
the next page linking works.

I spent some hours going over the reference manual again
(including NEXTPGLINKIA), but no luck. 

I should have explained that this is the main index (date) next
page link. The way I did have it (as shown above), the link is
active to the next index page, although that index page is not
yet being created (because there are only a few messages in the
current index page). An example of this is at:

I've tried some other configurations, including
        <NextButton chop>
        [<A HREF="$NEXTPG$">Next Page</A>]

but this still puts in the link when there isn't an another index
page. This link is active, but links to itself. (Example at:

In addition, while trying to fix this problem through
modifications to the rc file, I've now fouled an archive so that
about 20% of the pages that were generated are no longer listed
in the indexes (not in the .mhonarc.db file from what I can see
either). When regenerating with editidx it counts 309 messages in
the directory, but there are currently 364. Editidx appears to
only rebuilds what was in the .mhonarc.db file. Any suggestions
on this score appreciated as well.

Thank you again for any assistance.


Jeff Hill

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