Sv: Sv: time and date in indexes

1999-07-14 17:21:17

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Fra: Gunnar Hjalmarsson <mailbox(_at_)gunnar(_dot_)cc>
Til: Martin List-Petersen <martin(_at_)list-petersen(_dot_)dk>
Cc: mhonarc(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu 
Dato: 14. juli 1999 23:05
Emne: Re: Sv: time and date in indexes

Martin List-Petersen wrote:

If you want exactly the same format as in the messages, i.e.
the time in the timezone where respective message originated +/-
the difference compared to GMT, I haven't found any solution either.

I was a bit too fast about complayning.
I made a template as in the examples of the manual and it uses the
same dateformat as in the eMail. The date variable i used is $DATE$,
which seems to be exactly the date part of the eMail.

I agree that the $DATE$ variable is close, but have you solved my
timezone 'problem'? Or were all the messages sent from your server's


I must agree, that all messages are sent from my servers timezone. So maybe 
it's just close and no solution.

Martin List-Petersen

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