Re: Default resource file

1999-07-14 22:35:23
On July 14, 1999 at 10:38, Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

I tried to make use of the default resource file, but it seems like it
does not work properly. These are my findings:

- It worked when creating a new archive, but changes after that had
  no effect when updating the archive. (Is this possibly

Yes, the behavior is intentional.

- The resource MSGGMTDATEFMT did not affect the variable

Works for me.  How are you setting it?

Make sure MHonArc is finding the resource file.  When running mhonarc
in non-quiet mode, it will print out each resource file it reads.
For example:

    shell> mhonarc -out out inbox
 => Reading resource file: /home/earlhood/.mhonarc.rc ...
    Converting messages to out
    Reading inbox .........

    Writing mail .........
    Writing out/maillist.html ...
    Writing out/threads.html ...
    Writing database ...
    9 messages

=> Default resource file.

Also, if specifying a resource file via RCFILE, make sure it is not
setting MSGGMTDATEFMT, overriding the setting in the default rcfile.


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