Re: MHonArc Bug: Why Anonymous?

1999-07-19 18:39:20
On July 14, 1999 at 20:27, "Andy Quick" wrote:

I have attached a small file 'mail.txt' which was created by
concatenating 4 messages exported from an email program.
The problem is that the 'From' information in maillist.html is
'Anonymous' for all but the first message.  The sender email
address is clearly contained in all the messages, so there
should be no occurrences of Anonymous.

The problem is the "From: ..." is the message separator.  MHonArc
does not do anything with the message separator except for determining
message boundaries.

In practice, you should not use an actual message header field as a
separator.  When you concatenate the mail messages, include a custom
separator between each message and set MSGSEP accordingly.  Or, dump
the each message into a separate file in a special directory, and use
MHPATTERN instead.


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