Re: Omitting dum[my|b] messages when converting archives

1999-07-19 18:16:07
On July 19, 1999 at 13:34, John Stumbles wrote:

      Actually I think the message is created by pine, but in any case
it's done when I save messages to a folder so procmail wouldn't help.

      I could write a perl filter to spot and excise such messages
before MHonArc sees them, but since such a script would have to do the
same parsing of messages that MHonArc does it would seem logical to do it
in one place. It would seem that the mechanism you have implemented to
ignore messages with the no-archive flag set would be the candidate for me
to look at. I am running 2.2.0 so I shall have to upgrade first, then I
will have a look at your code (when I get a Round Tuit :-). Are you
interested in incorporating such a change into the main body of MHonArc
(if I can do it hygenically ;-) ?

I've thought about it.  I have been considering what the best approach
will be.  Maybe something like:


Basically, the resource allows you to use Perl code to determine if a
message should be skipped.  $_ will contain the raw message header.  If
MSGEXCLUDEFILTER evaulates to a true value, the message will be