Once more about using MIME

1999-07-21 12:47:06

About 10 days ago I send a message about using the <MIMEargs>- and 
<MIMEfilters> option with Mhonarc 2.4.0.

I did not receive any response so far. Therefore, I would like to 
give it another try:

I added in my resource file:

text/plain; nonfixed maxwidth=400 quote

What I see in my html-pages is the following:
...<!--X-Content-Type: text/plain -->..

Furthermore, the body message text is print to the default font face 
(times roman in my case), the maximum width is set to 400. However, 
the quote argument appearantly  does not cause any effect.

The manual says:
quote--->  Italicize quoted message text.

1) However, if I include in my message "Mhonarc", this is not 
italicized in the respective HTML page.

2) Another problem (for me!) is that with this filter that HTML 
special characters will be converted into entities. That is not what 
I want: I would like <b>Mhonarc</b> to be printed as bold and not as 
&lt;b&gt;Mhonarc&lt;/b&gt; when viewing the source code of the HTML-

Is there a handy, simple way to do the above?

Please help!

Many thanks in advance!


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