Date index repeated over and over in a gigantic web-page

1999-07-21 13:09:09
Hi there,

Several of our Mhonarc archives were recently upgraded from Mhonarc 2.1.0
to 2.3.3.

*Some*, but not all, of those archives are now exhibiting the following
problem: the date index is repeated over and over down an enormous
web-page, amounting to about 1.3 Mb in one case.

Not all of the archives have this problem. The ones that do are ones which
I've manipulated with mhonarc commands at the command-line. (As opposed to
the automatic addition of messages to the archives as they arrive.) What I
suspect as the source of the problem is that I've had the *old* version of
Mhonarc (2.1.0) in my path and I've been using that when running such
commands as:

sudo mhonarc -rmm 0 22 
sudo mhonarc -editidx -rcfile .rcfile
sudo mhonarc -editidx -reverse -sort

The archives exhibiting the problem are ones to which I have applied such
commands. And I don't believe I've manipulated the unaffected ones at all.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Do you agree with my diagnosis?
Any ideas for a cure?

Thanks be to Earl Hood for Mhonarc!

Kevin Noonan.

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