Re: 4 Indexes from single .rc file?

1999-07-21 15:46:29
On July 22, 1999 at 01:58, John Brisbin wrote:

My understanding is that MHonArc only allows two indexes to be specified
in a single .rc file.  Where we need four indexes (date, thread,
subject, author), is there any workaround to include the all the index
calls within the one .rc file?

Nope.  Any extra index has to be defined in a separate file.

We have a set of Make scripts that parse the .rc files and pass
configuration information on toward other scripts.  It's going to be a
real pain to track (one )or(more) .rc files per list just to provide 2<
indexes . . .

How is it a "real pain"?


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