RE: Unrecognised variables

1999-08-01 12:58:52

Trick question! I had an older version of mhonarc in my path, whoops! So I'm
still having fun with the format and variables but I think I can tame them into


Neil O'Brien
Senior Support Engineer

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I'm sure this is probably an easy question, and it's Saturday so my brain isn't
fully functioning.

I am trying to set up a resource file to format my messages, in general the
blunders are simple enough to fix, but I want to be able to use the listname and
owner as variables. I have an older version of a resource file that uses
$LISTOWNER$ and $LISTNAME$ but when I use these I get:

Warning: unrecognised variable "LISTNAME"

Etc. Now as I can't find these I'm prepared to accept they might not exist, but
curiously it is also doing the samething for TPREVMSG, TNEXTMSG and TSLICE all
of which I can find in the documentation and all of which I think I've used

So I guess my question is really twofold:

First, are there variables for list owner and name and if so, what are they
Second, How are they defined? Do I need to create an envariable for them and why
do TSLICE etc fail as well?


Neil O'Brien

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