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1999-08-04 13:59:14
 If the sender is a subcriber to a mailing list, might it be useful to modify 
manager (majordomo etc.) so that the Info sent as a greeting to new list members
would inform them of the location of the archive.  usually a user can get this
via some kind of command (info list_name  , for majordomo sites)
 Any time that the archive is moved or initiated the notice should be sent to 

list members.  If this becomes a publishing/copyright problem then the archival
must become much more complicated,

 I would not like to see any such modification be a default option in Mhonarc.

Earl Hood wrote:

On July 30, 1999 at 08:46, "Bert Hiddink" wrote:

Would it be possible to notify a subscriber everytime he/she sends a
message to a mailinglist, indicating where his/her message was
published by Mhonarc on the web?

Many things are possible, it is just matter if they are practical :-)

    "Your message was published at:

To send he/she an autoresponder would be more a task for Procmail, I
suppose but I would need then to include in this respons the
%messagenumber which is a Mhonarc variable.

First, I have to question the usefulness of such an auto-response.
It could get annoying.

With that said, a solution is to access some of the guts of mhonarc
with a custom front-end that can return the filename of the messages
that were added.

New messages are denoted by the %mhonarc::AddIndex hash.  You
could create your own variation of mhonarc as follows:

    require '';

    if (mhonarc::process_input()) {
        foreach (keys %mhonarc::AddIndex) {
            print "File added: ", mhonarc::get_filename_from_index($_), "\n";
        exit(0);  # All is well

    ## Get here, some error occurred

Note, this will only generate filename output when ADD (-add) mode is
active.  Make sure to give a different name for your custom version of

You can now parse stdout from mhonarc to extract the filename(s) so
you can generate your auto-reply.


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