Re: Notify sender about URL

1999-08-04 14:53:24
On August 4, 1999 at 14:11, David Buckle wrote:

[David, please work on your line breaking]

 If the sender is a subcriber to a mailing list, might it be useful to modify
manager (majordomo etc.) so that the Info sent as a greeting to new list memb
would inform them of the location of the archive.

This is good advice, and should be followed by all list admins.  Since
you bring up the copyright issue, it becomes more important for list
admins to notify their subscribers if list messages are being archived
on a web site (or other mediums).  Not only is it nice to inform
subscribers of such a practice, but it also avoids any potential
(minor?) legal problems in the future.  Such notification can be part of
the common "Welcome-to-list" message when a person subscribes.

 Any time that the archive is moved or initiated the notice should be sent to

list members.

Again, good advice.

If this becomes a publishing/copyright problem then the archiv
must become much more complicated,

Not necessarily.  Many admins do support the "no archive" flags in
messages (and MHonArc now has direct support for it).  If proper
notification is given by the list admin about list archiving, then it
is up to the subscriber if they choose to send messages to the list.
The "no archive" flag support is an additional nicety for subscribers
who do want to send messages, but control archiving.  However, if "no
archive" flag support is not available, and notification about
archiving was given, then subscriber implicitly agrees to the archiving
of his/her message.

 I would not like to see any such modification be a default option in Mhonarc

I do not understand what you mean here.  If you are refering to
auto-notification when someone's message is archived, this is outside
of MHonArc's scope.  Such a feature would have to implemented by the
archive administrator.  The code example I gave is how an admin could
use MHonArc to help facilitate such functionality, although I would be
very reluctant to do such a thing myself.


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