Re: uuencoded files supported?

1999-08-05 18:38:38
On August 5, 1999 at 15:08, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:

does mhonarc support decoding of messages with uuencoded (not MIME)

It will help to clarify your question, since the answer is yes or no
depending on your perspective.

First, the "yes" part:  MHonArc does support the Content-Transfer-Encoding
(CTE) of x-uuencode for MIME defined attachments.  Although base64
is the appropriate CTE for binary data, some mis-behaved MUAs will
specify x-uuencode.

Now, the "no" part: The old-time practice of including

    begin 644 file

Within regular message text is not currently supported.  I believe
this practive is still common for USENET in the various binary groups.

MHonArc's message parsing is built on the MIME model, so support
for detecting embedded uuencoded data in text messages would have
to be done by the text/plain filter.  This kind of support has been
on my mental TODO list, but I have not done it yet.


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