date questions and empty elements

1999-08-06 03:25:52
Hi MHonArc users,

I am new to MHonArc and some things won't work as I've thought they 
should. I am using MHonArc 2.4.0 (Currently on a MS-DOS-system for 
creating the resource files. Later it will be a Linux box.)

I used hypermail before and now I like to imitate the page layout of 
hypermail with MHonArc.

With the <MSGGMTDATEFMT>, I have problems to use the %c spec. It 
printet '%c' in the converted mail messages instead the 'appropriate 
date and time representation'. Can anybody give me a sample what this 
spec will produce or maybe how to use it?

I also missed a specification for the timezone in the date elements. 
When mail gets converted, the timezone is included in the single 
message page, but I cannot make it print in the index pages. I'd like 
to see a spec for the timezone in a future version of MHonArc if that 
is doable.

With empty elements I've found out that they won't work in case they 
are empty. E.g. 




did not work until I inserted one HTML-Tag:


Is this a bug or a feature?

Thanks for your answers.

With best compliments

           Peter Seitz

  Graz University of Technology, Austria - Fac. f. Civil Engineering
  mailto:seitz(_at_)bzs(_dot_)tu-graz(_dot_)ac(_dot_)at -

            Member of the Pegasus Mail Support Group
Bilingual support at the (Un)Official Pegasus Mail Support Site

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