Re: date questions and empty elements

1999-08-06 16:45:21
On August 6, 1999 at 09:35, "Peter Seitz jun." wrote:

I am new to MHonArc and some things won't work as I've thought they 
should. I am using MHonArc 2.4.0 (Currently on a MS-DOS-system for 
creating the resource files. Later it will be a Linux box.)

If you use Vim, check out the mhonarc.vim file for a Vim syntax file
to provide a mhonarc resource file editing mode for mhonarc resource

Make sure you deal with the CRLF->LF conversion when transfering
resource files from M$-DOS to Linux.

With the <MSGGMTDATEFMT>, I have problems to use the %c spec. It 
printet '%c' in the converted mail messages instead the 'appropriate 
date and time representation'. Can anybody give me a sample what this 
spec will produce or maybe how to use it?

Using %c does not work.  This is a bug.  Apparently, it a bug that
has existed for a long time since no one, until now, has tried to
use it.  For now, you will have to roll your own format with the
other % formats.

I also missed a specification for the timezone in the date elements. 
When mail gets converted, the timezone is included in the single 
message page, but I cannot make it print in the index pages. I'd like 
to see a spec for the timezone in a future version of MHonArc if that 
is doable.

If you use $DATE$, you get the time string as specified in the message.
Note, many times, the timezone if represented by an [-+]HHMMM offset
and not an acronym.

Personally, I see little value in providing timezone info for date
format strings.  With *GMTDATEFMT resources you can add "GMT", and with
the *LOCADATEFMT resources, you can add your appropriate local timezone
(I guess support for %Z would provide more portability of a mhonarc
RESOURCE file across timezones).  If you want the date string as
specified in the message use $DATE$.  Note, it can be confusing to
readers to have dates shown with differing timezones (if this is what
you are refering to) since it is hard for most people to make the
proper date conversion in their heads.

With empty elements I've found out that they won't work in case they 
are empty. E.g. 




Get rid of the "chop" attribute.  Also, see the FAQ: "How do you set a
resource to nil?"


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