Request for FAQ update

1999-08-08 13:26:12
Dear Earl,

It took me quite some time to find out how  I can run MHonArc with 
Majordomo lists. Since I think it is much saver to use Majordomos 
wrapper, I sugguest the following change in the FAQ section in order 
to help other users with the same problem:

------------- text from FAQ --------------
     How can I do it with Majordomo lists?
     Here is a template for archiving messages as they arrive for a 
Majordomo list to include in sendmail's aliases file: 

xxxx:                "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper resend -l xxxx xxxx-
xxxx-outgoing:       :include:/var/lib/majordomo/lists/xxxx, xxxx-
xxxx-request:        list-admin-address
owner-xxxx:          list-admin-address
xxxx-owner:          list-admin-address

xxxx-mhonarc:        "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper mhonarc -add -quiet 
-outdir /home/httpd/html/yyyyyyy -rcfile rcs.mrc -stderr 

Replace text that is rendered like this with what is appropriate for 
your configuration. 

In order to run MHonArc with Majordomos wrapper, the program has to 
be in the same directory where the majordomo programs are located. 
The easiest way is to create a symbolic link to the program, e.g.

   ln -s /usr/bin/mhonarc /usr/lib/majordomo/mhonarc
This link should have the same user, group and rights settings as the 
rest of the majordomo programs.
If you redirect the stderr output to a logfile, the logfile must 
owned by majordomo and must have at least permisson 755. The 
directory for that logfile must exist.

The MHonArc-archive directory must be owned by majordomo and must 
have at least 755 permssion. Group owner doesn't matter. It is 
possible to switch user and group if you like.

  -------------- end of sugguestion ----------
Please feel free to modify my sugguestions since english is not my 
mother language.

With best compliments

           Peter Seitz jun.

KOEHLER+SEITZ Beraten und Planen GmbH
Waldaustrasse 13, D-90441 Nuernberg, Germany
Tel: INT+49-911-6238-136, Fax: INT+49-911-6238-100

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