Re: MHonArc/Majordomo (was Re: Request for FAQ update )

1999-08-10 13:51:09
On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Earl Hood wrote:

In order to run MHonArc with Majordomos wrapper, the program has to 
be in the same directory where the majordomo programs are located. 
The easiest way is to create a symbolic link to the program, e.g.

   ln -s /usr/bin/mhonarc /usr/lib/majordomo/mhonarc
This link should have the same user, group and rights settings as the 
Do you mean the mhonarc program itself, or the symlink.  Normally
symlink permissions/ownership does not matter, unless Majordomo is
doing a lstat instead of a stat on the program.

Any majordomo people on the mhonarc list that can give a definitive
answer?  I'd like to update the FAQ so I can get v2.4.2 out the

The only requirement is that /usr/lib/majordomo/mhonarc is readable and
executable by the majordomo user.

$ chmod a+x,a+r /usr/bin/mhonarc

should do.

Mats Dufberg                                  

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