Re: MHonArc/Majordomo (was Re: Request for FAQ update )

1999-08-09 21:20:10
On August 9, 1999 at 16:56, someone wrote:

No help with Majordomo, but here's something to fix, I believe:

$ egrep -n -e '\$NO(SORT|URL)'
412:$NOSORT      = defined($ENV{'M2H_SORT'})      ? !$ENV{'M2H_SORT'}      : 
413:$NOURL       = defined($ENV{'M2H_URL'})       ? !$ENV{'M2H_SORT'}      : 


and perhaps you might consider some arrangement of the doc/resources/*.html
files that doesn't include 49 copies of the "resource variable" table?

If you notice, the list of resource variables can vary between
resources.  Plus, I (IMO) believe it is more convienent for the user to
have the list of applicable resource variables right on the resource
reference pages.  Sometimes redundancy is beneficial for the user.

BTW, updating the resource variable tables is automated, so I do
not have to edit a bunch a files when add/modify variables.


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