Thread Listing on message Page

1999-08-09 04:24:10
Dear MHonArc users,

I'd like to implement thread listings at the end of the mesage page. 
Technically it works ok, but I'd like to only implement a threadded 
listing when there is a mail with either a real thread or the same 
subject (maybe with a Re: included) in the following messages.

If there is no reply on that message, I don't want to have a tread 


currently it looks like this:

MHonArc is great software
   Re: MHonArc is great software
   Re: MHonArc is great software
 Cannot make Sendmail work with MHonArc
 Found out how to configure MHonArc
But with the sample above, I only like to include the two replies on 
the first mail. Is that doable?

With best compliments

           Peter Seitz jun.

KOEHLER+SEITZ Beraten und Planen GmbH
Waldaustrasse 13, D-90441 Nuernberg, Germany
Tel: INT+49-911-6238-136, Fax: INT+49-911-6238-100

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