Re: getting the MH msg number

1999-08-19 16:02:25
On August 18, 1999 at 21:14, "Douglas N. Arnold" wrote:

Is their a resource that would allow me to access the MH message number
for a mail message when constructing the LITEMPLATE resource string?  I


didn't find one in the documentation, but it seems a natural thing.

Not really.  Here are the reasons:

    o   Messages can be processed from UUCP mailboxes.
    o   Multiple MH folders could be processed, so there will exist
        messages with the same MH number.
    o   Messages can be processed from standard input.
    o   MHPATTERN can be changed to any Perl regex.

I want to include the message number on the main index page.

The only "number" that you can put is MHonArc's message number assigned
to each message.  You can access the message-id for each message.  With
the message-id, you can use "pick --message-id ID" to get which MH
message it is associated with.

If you provide some background on the "why" you desire the MH message
numbers, maybe there is some alternate solution to your needs.  Otherwise,
you will have to modify source code to get what you want.


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