Re: getting the MH msg number

1999-08-19 20:05:51
Earl Hood writes:
If you provide some background on the "why" you desire the MH message
numbers, maybe there is some alternate solution to your needs.  Otherwise,
you will have to modify source code to get what you want.

I am using MHonArc to dump my MH inbox onto a (password protected) web
page, so I can check on my mail even when I only have access to a web
browser (e.g., some airport lounges). I'd find it easiest to use if the
main index web page were to duplicate the scan listing of the inbox I
see when I check my mail directly.  Using the flexibility of MHonArc
afforded by the MHonArc resources, I was pretty much able to achieve
this with the exception of duplicating the MH message number.  Not a
big deal: I can certainly live without it.

Accessing the MH message number still seems like a reasonable thing to
me, although I understand that it doesn't always apply.  The same is
true for, say, the subject field, which doesn't exist for all messages.
The MH message number resource could be set to empty if the message
isn't coming from an MH mail folder.

I'm brand new to MHonArc and I gather that I'm using it for something
other than its main intention of archiving mailing lists, so that might
account for my odd-ball idea of what seems natural.  In any case, I am
very impressed with MHonArc.  Thanks for making, documenting, and
distributing it.

 -- Doug Arnold

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