Re: MHonArc and FrontPage

1999-08-19 20:29:51
At 07:07 PM 8/19/99 Thursday, Christopher Lindsey wrote:
> I am looking for any input to the matter of running MHonArc and Frontpage
> Extensions on the same server. Has anyone had problems doing this ?

What OS for the server -- Unix or NT?  And what server is being used?
I'm using Apache 1.3.9 (the pre-release) with FrontPage extensions under
Linux and have no problems viewing MHonArc pages.  Actually, I'm confused
how one could impact the other...

Redhat Linux 6.0 Apache-1.3.6 . I have heard there was problems in early versions of frontpage/mhonarc running togather as I have set this up today to find no visable problems..

Thanks for your input !

- Chris

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