RE: MHonArc and FrontPage

1999-08-19 20:58:37
I am looking for any input to the matter of running MHonArc
and Frontpage
Extensions on the same server. Has anyone had problems doing this ?

What OS for the server -- Unix or NT?  And what server is being used?
I'm using Apache 1.3.9 (the pre-release) with FrontPage
extensions under
Linux and have no problems viewing MHonArc pages.  Actually,
I'm confused
how one could impact the other...

I had to think twice about that too.

The Front Page Extensions must involve server side parsing and substitution
in HTML pages before delivery to the client because FP allows some high
level constructs (e.g. a guestbook) beyond standard HTML.  It's possible
that some HTML construct emitted by MHonArc could bother the FPE parsing.

It would help to see symptoms as well as more context.

-- SP

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