Re: Monthabr not working correctly with HTML-code

1999-08-25 02:26:08
On August 24, 1999 at 12:55, "Peter Seitz jun." wrote:

I guess MHonArc is not parsing the definitions correctly when there 
are special caracters like "&" or ";" in the definition field.

Earl, can you please check the perl code or this issue. I asume that 
it won't work with the <Month>, <Weekdays> and <WeedkaysAbr> as well 
because they use the same subroutine.

I think the problem is in in subroutine get_list_content:

    while (<$filehandle>) {
    last  if /^\s*<\/$gi\s*>/i;
    next  unless /\S/;
    push(@items, split(/[:;]/, $_));
The ";" is making the troubles. I don't know if it is needed for 
anything else.

The ';' is used as a separator for other resources, so ';' was included
(undocumented) for the "list"-type resources for consistancy.  I also
never expected anyone to try to use entity references in something like
MONTHSABR.  But it makes sense.

Just delete the ';' in the regex to split().  I'll removed it for
the next releases, since its use is not documented for the resources
the get_list_content is used.


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