Re: bug candidate

1999-08-25 14:05:26
On August 23, 1999 at 21:54, jeff(_at_)jab(_dot_)org wrote:

Aug 23 10:15:38 marmot mailme: Modification of non-creatable array
value attempted, subscript -2 at /usr/lib/MHonArc/ line
177, <FOPEN4> chunk 41.

The problem has to do with a text/html part where the base URL
is not defined and there are relative URLs in the HTML.  The
html part was not attached properly, but MHonArc should not croak
because of it.

I have attached a patch for (based on v2.4.3 MHonArc
release, file SCCS ID: 2.9 99/08/14 19:38:33) to this message.
If you have an earlier version, you should be able to manually
apply the edits.


Description: for 2.9 99/08/14 19:38:33

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