Re: Problem with <PRE> tag of the converted messages

1999-09-06 15:24:00
On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Martin List-Petersen wrote:

My problem is very simple:
Since many eMail programs automatically wrap lines after lets say 79 chars or
So how do i get rid of the <PRE> formatting, which MHonArc does to the eMails
(I couldn't find anything in the documentation) og how do i get MHonArc to
break lines longer as XX chars at conversion time ??

not sure if this is the wrong answer to the wrong question, but
for formatted html display after removing the pre tags:

 $msgline = s/\s\s/\xA0\xA0/g; # replaces double spaces with nbsp;
 $msgline .= "<br>";           # add a break to line-end.

 the browser will then automatically wrap long lines and preserve spacing.
 one can change this to preserve tabs \t with the correct num of nbsp
 these lines to be injected somewhere in the printing loop.

Martin List-Petersen

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