mhonarc-users and cygwin

1999-09-27 14:34:01

I just verified under Win98 that the bash shell under Cygwin recognizes
dos pathnames in the #! line.  Therefore, if you are using ActiveState's
port of perl and install MHonArc, you can invoke mhonarc under bash with,

    shell> ...

as long as is in your search path.  This will allow you
to do I/O redirection.  For example,

    shell> -scan > scan.txt

without having to invoke perl directly.  The other advantage is that
you have access to a variety of programs like tar, gzip, grep, diff,

For more information about Cygwin, see


P.S.  If you have the Win32 port of Vim <>, you can
also use mhonarc.vim (in the extras directory) to get color resource
file editing under Windows.

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