Re: rcfile confusion?

1999-09-27 16:50:47
On September 26, 1999 at 20:58, jeff(_at_)jab(_dot_)org wrote:

I finally sat down and tried to make MHonArc produce RDF output rather
than HTML. Things are almost working. I want only 5 messages to show
up on a single RDF index. Howver, after I get things working, I still
want to produce longer date and thread indexes from the same

If I understand what you are asking, you can use OTHERINDEXES.  Have
the RDF index created by an OTHERINDEXES index.  Make sure to set
IDXFNAME in the index to avoid clobbering your HTML index.

Note, since you are generating XML, there may be a problem with the
leading comment declarations.  From my understanding of the XML
spec, the line:

<?xml ...?>

Must occur first in the document.  This is more restrictive than SGML
(or even HTML).  You can use SSMARKUP in your RDF mhonarc resource file
to define the <?xml declaration so it will occur before any comment
declarations.  I'll probably add a new resource to disable all comment
declarations (which should be used with extreme caution) when it
is know that the output will not be auto-edited.

So I tried using <IDXSIZE>, but That didn't work very well.
Running the appended rcfile on seven messages, it produces an
RDF index page with 7 - 5 = 2 blank entries. 

This is a bug, and unfortunately, a tricky one to find a clean fix.
Setting IDXSIZE less than MAXSIZE for a single page index will
cause this problem.  If you look closely, you will also notice that
the listing references the wrong data also.

It appears the bug was introduced when the argument support to resource
variables was introduced to support things like $MSG(NEXT)$.

Any suggestions? 

Yes, I should fix the bug.  I'll try to work on it this evening.


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